We use our GCBase (Core Capability of GenomiCare) to transform drug discovery 

Our discoveries help create better cancer medicines faster

Original Drug Discovery

Based on patient-centric real-world data, through a systematic AI approach by integrating

real-world knowledge and clear disease mechanisms


GCInsight is a powerful tool to help researchers and drug developers understand the distribution of genetic or clinical markers across various types of cancers, and quickly identify indicators with potential clinical value

Customized Service to Bring Cutting Edge Solutions

GenomiCare Biotechnology was invited to participate in 2023 Zhangjiang Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the roadshow projects shined

On November 12, 2023, "The Third Zhangjiang Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023" was successfully held at Zhangjiang Science Hall under the guidance of Science and Technology and Economy Commission of Shanghai Pudong New...

GenomiCare Biotechnology attended the Roche Diagnostics Seminar to discuss innovative collaboration in integrated diagnosis and treatment

On July 27th 2023, the "Roche Diagnostics Integrated Innovation Seminar” hosted by Roche Diagnostics—the global leader in in-vitro diagnosis—concluded successfully in Shanghai. The conference focused on the topic of "patient-centered, precision diagnosis driving...

GenomiCare Biotechnology joins the Roche Accelerator

Shanghai,June 8th, 2022 - GenomiCare Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GenomiCare Biotechnology) announces acceptance by the Roche Accelerator. With the support from Roche Accelerator, GenomiCare Biotechnology will further devote...