GenomiCare Biotechnology joins the Roche Accelerator

June 30, 2022

Shanghai,June 8th, 2022 – GenomiCare Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GenomiCare Biotechnology) announces acceptance by the Roche Accelerator. With the support from Roche Accelerator, GenomiCare Biotechnology will further devote themselves to the development of innovative cancer therapeutics that address the unmet clinical needs of Chinese cancer patients.

Starting with addressing unmet clinical needs of Chinese cancer patients, GenomiCare Biotechnology is committed to building China’s first R&D infrastructure for first-in-class cancer drugs empowered by real-world studies combining longitudinal clinical data with comprehensive genomic profiling. Leveraging these data, Genomicare Biotechnology has proven its data intelligence platform can play a major role in discovery of new biomarkers and drug targets, exploration into mechanisms of action, design and prediction of clinical trials, drug combination strategy, amongst its other capabilities.

The discovery and development of next-generation cancer therapeutics requires even deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms of diseases and broader clinical insights from real-world data. By leveraging the multi-dimensional real-world data of Chinese cancer patients, proprietary AI-based data mining algorithms, self-developed clinical and theoretical knowledge maps as well as the comprehensive and externally verified datasets, GenomiCare Biotechnology is passionate to identify novel therapeutic targets and accelerate the development of cancer therapeutics.

Dr. Qiang Xu, founder, President and CEO of GenomiCare Biotechnology also shared his enthusiasm. “We hope that GenomiCare Biotechnology’s proprietary real-world data platforms and insights and Roche’s strong drug development capabilities will complement and generate win-win outcomes.” GenomiCare Biotechnology will take an active role within the Roche Accelerator activities and also explore collaborations with other member companies.

Dr. Qiusong Tang, Head of Roche Accelerator said: “At Roche, we are always interested in integrating complementary, longitudinal data at scale, to enable understanding of patient and disease heterogeneity and its relevance to clinical outcome at unprecedented resolution.” To learn more about the Roche Accelerator, please visit

About GenomiCare Biotechnology

Genomicare aims to establish a sustainable medical ecosystem together with Jiahui Health, NEJM YiXueQianYan (Chinese digital platform for The New England Journal of Medicine). Genomicare-Biotechnology is an affiliate of GenomiCare. It is headquartered in Shanghai with branches in the United States, and is a patient-centered innovative biotechnology company. By employing a “reverse translational medicine” approach, GenomiCare accelerates the development of novel cancer treatments. Visit for more information.