GenomiCare Biotechnology is a biotechnology company that focuses on the original innovative drug discovery for cancer

We do this by integrating a large real-world deep molecular clinical knowledge base with self-developed patented AI algorithms to discover novel drug targets and new biomarkers for unsatisfied clinical needs. The expertise extends to exploring mechanisms of action study, drug combination strategies, fine-tuned patient stratification, and expanding drug indications, among other areas. GenomiCare helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies  accelerate their discovery and development of innovative cancer drugs.

Over 200 collaborative  major hospitals across China, Partnerships with leading US hospitals including Massachusetts General and City of Hope.

GenomiCare Biotechnology works with top tier pharmaceutical companies globally to advance their drug discovery and biomarker development programs. Since 2015, the Company has established partnerships with Roche, Sanofi, MSD , AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson and many others.

JiaHui International Hospital – The only Tertiary foreign hospital in Shanghai (MGH only formal collaborating medical site in China)

NEJM Yi Xue Qian Yan — NEJM Chinese version, the only authorized operation team in China


We are very pleased with the high quality of the real-world data provided by GenomiCare, and the fast, in-depth technical support from its scientists and developers. The team at GenomiCare helped us immensely with full data access and implementation of customized computational pipelines. The professional bioinformatics team delivered high-quality real-world evidence, sound analysis results and remarkable reports that helped our cancer drug discoveries.”


Focus the whole team on delivering value for customers by understanding customers’needs: GenomiCare team is good at listening and understanding our needs, taking quick actions to fulfill them.
Drive results:
GenomiCare team dedicated to overcome obstacles, hold themselves for achieving results.
Demonstrate ethics and integrity:
GenomiCare team adhere to high standards of trustworthy and ethical behavior in all the interactions with customers; comply with all laws, policies and regulations that stakeholder required. ”