Highlights from ISPOR (Real World China)

July 7, 2021

GenomiCare’s sponsored ISPOR Webinar featured a cast of experts from Novartis, Roche, and AstraZeneca in a engaging  discussion about Real World Evidence in China.

Key takeaways included:

  • On the data, itself: Representativeness and Quality of data is paramount
    • Overall Survival (OS) is hard to capture– may overestimate drug efficacy without it
  • On vendors in China: Biomarker data could be better. ~ 50% missing from vendors; Need to make sure key data elements are not missing
  • Picking a Vendor: Do they have a local China presence, can the conduct analytics?
    • The data is not leaving China, so federated and syndicated data/analytics is the way to go. Data can be queried, but the data stays at the source – allows for real time analytics
  • On genomic data: Need genomic and clinical data together to be most effective 
  • China despite some barriers, is RWE Friendly (China Pilot Zones, for example)

Quotes from the panelists:

  • Ram Ramagopalan: “For rare mutations, we need data from many different countries…I see China as a source of data for regulatory approval and reimbursement not just in China but across the globe.”
  • Sara Bruce Wirta: “Since the data cannot leave China, we really need to evaluate RWD infrastructure as well as the analytic capabilities of the company. We need an end-end approach.”
  • Aliki Taylor: “It’s not just China that is the issue (in regards to data export). Have to think of statistical methods to address this…generally for China we are starting 6 months earlier than other countries.”
  • Yan Zhao: “We need genomic and clinical data together-all linked- that is the differentiator vs genomic standalone vendors.”

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