GenomiCare Partners with AWS on HIPAA Eligible Services for Higher Data Security

April 7, 2020

GenomiCare, Inc. has recently reached a cooperation agreement with AWS on HIPAA compliance. This enables GenomiCare to store, process and utilize masked clinical data in a safer environment and therefore ensures the security and availability of personal health information (PHI) for our clients all over the world.

What is HIPAA HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, a US federal law that sets national standards on transmission and maintenance of protected health information for the purpose of data security and privacy protection.

GenomiCare’s Data Intelligence Service Built on the AWS’ cloud solutions, GenomiCare’s Data Intelligence Service offers a robust and flexible anticancer drug development platform for biopharma companies. GenomiCare customizes drug-oriented clinical verification processes according to client needs, and helps our partners get the most out of the data available through data intelligence (DI) system effectively and efficiently, while under high standard compliance of data security and privacy. The Data Intelligence platform integrates large real-world datasets of cancer patients (consisting of CLIA certified and CAP accredited comprehensive genome profiling, clinical history and long-term survival datasets), cloud-based open and interactive SaaS systems, and proprietary data-driven intelligent algorithms.

In the early exploration of DI application with our biopharma partners, we have achieved some evidence that showed promising results in the development of novel biomarkers, discovery of new drug targets, mechanism studies, clinical trial design/predictions, drug combination strategies, patient stratification, and new indication expansions.

GenomiCare is ready to further explore data intelligence and strengthen ties with more leading biopharma and pharmaceutical companies to promote and advance the development of innovative anticancer drugs.